ecommerce done right

I help  ecommerce brand owners grow sales from zero to millions in sales

what sets me apart
everything I teach is based on real results from building my own seven figure brands

I've worked with individual sellers, small businesses and large corporations to design and successfully launch products.

No matter if you're selling on Amazon, Shopify or Kickstarter, I have a proven track record of implementing strategies that can almost guarantee your success. Bold statement, I know.

My specialty is developing a strategy for your brand so it's not just another me-too product - even if it is. Learn how to stand out and you'll discover just how much easier marketing can be.

small business speaker

over 13 years speaking for small business centers across Canada and the US

how I can help you
from group events to one on one consulting
I host webinars, workshops and seminars for small groups to audiences in the 1000s 

1 on 1 consulting

I work with with large corporations to individual brand creators
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